Grace Communications


Anne Driscoll’s career has been, at once, both maverick and serendipitous. While a social worker, she counseled juvenile delinquent girls, listening to their stories of pain and challenge. She discovered the power of stories to heal, connect, provide insight and hope and then decided she not only wanted to hear stories, she wanted to share them. She soon pursued her love of writing and telling stories and began her work as a journalist.

Since then, she has been managing editor of New England Bride Magazine, written for the news wire services, ghostwritten three books on psychic skills and parapsychology, written a series of self-help books for tween-aged girls, covered a triple murder trial and multiple alarm fires. She’s interviewed both George Clooney on a red carpet for People magazine and a woman who is considered a living saint in India. She has also launched Grace Communications to use the power of storytelling to publicize worthy organizations and individuals.

In every aspect of her work as a journalist, author, speaker, social worker and publicist, she strives to make a difference in the world, one story at a time, by using words and stories to communicate, connect, and effect change.

“My name Anne means ‘grace’ or ‘prayer’ and Driscoll means ‘interpreter, intermediary, newsbearer.’ This guides me every day, since I know I am doing the work I was intended to do,” says Anne.


Anne Driscoll

Her mission?

To make a difference in the world, one story at a time.